A second stage of the free educational project B2S by Arricano starts on September 8, 2016

The fall season of B2S by Arricano (business to students) is 8 meetings with business representatives – Arricano’s CEOs, businesspeople and business coachers – organized for students from Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics.

The masterminds of the project, Arricano company and Ekonomika Communication Hub, are sure that interaction between the universities, which train future professionals, and employing organizations, a dialogue between students, lecturers and businesspeople will fill in the gape between theory and practice, expectations and real life, basic knowledge and practical skills, and will rise the qualification level of the specialists on the job market, as well as shorten the adjustment cycle of newly placed workers in their first job.

Arricano team believes that B2S by Arricano signifies new possibilities, a new type of relationship in creating a high-quality business environment. B2S by Arricano is a project of a corporate social responsibility, and its task is to initiate a new type of relations between universities and target companies for their graduates, to introduce a new pattern of interaction between future employees and potential employers, to demonstrate a possibility to power another scheme of preparing youth for adult life.

The spring stage of the project, carried out jointly with Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, testified to the high interest shown by students and professors in master-classes by people actually engaged in businesses. More than 1000 people visited the lections and participated in the skills building sessions catered by B2S by Arricano.

This fall’s partner of B2S by Arricano is Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics. The program includes 8 hour-and-a-half meetings with two speakers during every master-class.