September 8, 2016 – the second stage of the free educational project B2S by Arricano (business to students) is on!

On September 7, 2016 Arricano Real Estate Plc, Ekonomika Communication Hub and Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics have signed a memorandum on cooperation in B2S by Arricano project. September 8 is the start of a programme of 8 double student meetings with business practitioners.

Mykhailo Merkulov, CEO Arricano, states that B2S by Arricano signifies new possibilities, a new type of relations in creation of a high-quality business environment. It implies fostering of typologically another quality of links between university – business – students, and higher school – employers – future employees. “B2S by Arricano project has a multiplier effect in the key managerial skill – development in interaction”, says Mykhailo Merkulov.

The task of the project is to launch interaction between students, future employees, business, which needs well-prepared staff, and higher school, which trains professionals in demand, in order to provide guidelines for students in their potential development, both personal and professional. The project aims at clearing up the mutual expectations and shorten the adjustment cycle of newly-placed employees in their first job.

Anatolii Mazaraki, Rector of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics insists that all participators of B2S by Arricano project are concerned about human capital and quality of future specialists that must develop their fundamental knowledge into professional skills. Rector of the progressive university, which celebrates its 70 th anniversary, is sure that partnership between higher school and business is profitable not only for students while it strengthens their motivation for studies, gives a powerful incentive to creative initiative and innovational projects, but also favours investments into socially-oriented spheres and provides for development of intellectual capital of the country.

The student master-classes with business practitioners that involve live communication, dialogue and discussion will tackle the issues of development of personal qualities and professional competences necessary for future job, employers’ expectations, recruitment criteria, cases from CEO’s and businesspeople’s lives that demonstrate how a personal or professional task was being solved, life histories about realization of dreams, secrets of right job and company choosing, creativity cultivating techniques.

Irina Rubis, CEO Ekonomika Communication Hub, observes that university- employer-student alliances are a multi-win: “Today, when the time becomes an ever more valuable asset, employers, as never before, are willing and ready for the increasing cooperation with universities in order to get the staff absolutely ready for their activities”.

B2S by Arricano educational project was launched on March 31, 2016. On September 8, 2016 the second stage starts in Kyiv National University of Trade and 4 Economics. The results of the first stage of the project with more than 1000 participants testify to the high interest shown by students and professors in master- classes with people actually engaged in businesses.

Natalia Dmytrenko, Arricano marketing director, admits that universities’ response and their readiness to partnership and projects innovational for classical educational formats shows how topical the project is: “We are grateful to our university partners for their readiness to raise the quality of professionals on the labour market. It is very inspiring that higher school is ready to develop its students and let practitioners with successful careers show students the path towards professional maturity”.

On the timetable of the initiators of the project there is not only widening of the circle of universities involved but also adding of cooperation forms that enable students to apply their knowledge on practice.

B2S by Arricano project is the first educational initiative on developer and retailer markets of Ukraine.