The 3D construction of St. Sophia Cathedral is another social and cultural project in the Arricano portfolio

The pearl of historical and architectural development of the princely era - "Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv" was re-created in 2020 in a new technological 3D miniature format. This structure is marked with relief tactile plaques in Braille, so that Kyiv residents and visitors with visual impairments can feel its architectural features and read motivating messages. This idea was implemented with the support of Arricano. 
"Innovation is changing the world. Everything that was previously unavailable becomes more accessible. The impact of technology is visible everywhere – in business, art, and architecture. It's nice that thanks to the 3D the center of culture of the princely era, "Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv" is integrated into virtual reality to admire it in miniature. We are proud of Ukrainian achievements", – Arricano's message on the relief tactile plate with Braille that is placed on the structure. 
The official opening of the 3D structure took place on September 25 near the National reserve "Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv". This event was attended by Maryna Khonda, Deputy Chairman of the KSCA, Nelia Kukovalska, General Director of the National reserve "Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv", and Olena Obukhivska, Communications Director of Arricano, as well as representatives of public organizations and communities. 
About the 3D layout of the Cathedral 
This is a social project designed to facilitate and expand the access of visually impaired people to tourist locations in Kyiv. A three-dimensional cognitive relief model of the monument will allow you to "see" it with your hands, and people with good eyesight will understand how it looks from a bird's-eye view.
The construction was established using extra-budgetary funds. Arricano was the patron of the project, and entrepreneur Vasyl Markush was the executor. 
About St. Sophia Cathedral 
St. Sophia Cathedral is a monument of architecture, history, and monumental art of national and world significance, which is included in the UNESCO world heritage list and is one of the most visited tourist locations in Kyiv. The Cathedral is the central structure of the ensemble of the St. Sophia Monastery and since 1934 has been functioning as a museum in the National reserve "Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv".
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