On April 3, Arricano has signed the Memorandum «On Comprehensive Fire Safety Measures in Ukrainian Shopping Malls»

On April 3, 2018, Arricano Real Estate Plc has signed the Memorandum «On Comprehensive Fire Safety Measures in Ukrainian Shopping Centers and Shopping Malls», which confirms that comprehensive fire safety measures are observed at the company's facilities, in particular fire safety systems' signs are functioning, the status of all fire-fighting systems is regularly checked, fire protection systems' complex tests are being held, personnel and evacuation training for employees, tenants and visitors are also being held.
The Memorandum was initiated by the Malls Club Ukraine (the Shopping Malls Club of Ukraine) professional community within the «Shopping Malls' Fire Safety» conference, organized with the support of Arricano and Multiplex cinema network. The event was attended by more than 140 leaders and representatives of the capital and regional shopping malls, heads of the shopping malls' security services, the retail market and the mass media representatives.
«The Memorandum signed by the Ukrainian shopping malls' representatives at the «Shopping Malls' Fire Safety» conference, is a global response and a clear message to all Ukrainian consumers that their safety was and remains at the first place for each shopping mall», - said Artem Shlapak, the Head of Shopping Malls' Club of Ukraine (Malls Club Ukraine). - «All modern and accessible methods have been and will be implemented to ensure fire safety. The joint concerted actions, awareness and responsibility, of both the shopping malls and the public representatives are important components that will protect us from negative situations».
The participants of the «Shopping Malls' Fire Safety» conference program have shared their experience in providing fire safety in the shopping malls, listened to practical reports from experts on modern security systems, on organizing fire safety for the shopping malls' managers, staff, tenants and visitors, on the retail properties' preparation for inspections, and on rendering first aid to the victims as a result of fires.
During the «Fire safety in Ukrainian shopping Malls. How to provide a safe shopping for the visitor?» discussion section the Ukrainian shopping malls' Top-managers told about how fire safety strategies were implemented at their facilities.
Inna Sotnikova, Manager of Prospekt shopping mall and RayON shopping mall (Arricano company), as the panel participant told, and then within the excursion at Prospekt shopping mall she has shown how Arricano implements a comprehensive approach to security. Inna Sotnikova said that the Arricano facilities are equipped with the special fire safety systems in accordance with the standards and requirements of the DBN and DSTU of Ukraine, the modern sprinkler fire fighting system operates in an automatic mode, the shopping mall's metal structures are being treated with fire-fighting paint, experts check the fire safety system every month and perform necessary maintenance. According to the concept the shopping malls are divided into zones, which are being cut off by refractory curtains to localize the fire and prevent it from its further distribution. The absence of the obstacles for evacuation corridors and emergency exits is being checked daily. Twice a year, employees are being trained, and there is also an evacuation practice.
«The tenants' zone of responsibility for fire safety rules is being stipulated in each contract», - said the Director of Prospekt shopping mall and RayON shopping mall. - «We are aware of our responsibility for the employees', tenants' and guests' comfort, which is directly related to the security topic, therefore we implement a variety of programs, including fire safety. We are aiming for everything to be in a working order - and in case of emergency evacuation all services have worked correctly and without failures. The urgency of security is also understood by our tenants, who now treat our fire safety claims with understanding and provide feedback».
The «Shopping Malls' Fire Safety» conference participants agreed that the topic given in the name of the conference is a global issue that requires constant attention and development of standards not only at the sectoral level, but also at the state level due to the high topic relevance and public request.