An educational project for Arricano shopping centers network’s tenants was launched on April, 26

An educational project for Arricano shopping centers network’s tenants was launched on April, 26. It is aimed to increase partners’ staff knowledge and skills needed for the growth of sales of tenants, as well as to increase turnover and improve service.

The decision to launch the project was made after a survey among tenants in which only 50% of respondents-tenants responded positively to the question of investment in the training of their employees over the past two years (trade teams, sellers and consultants).

Natalia Dmitrenko, Arricano marketing director, emphasizes: "Our main task as the management company is to improve shopping centers; it is our common task with the tenants to develop each selling spot in such a way which turns mall visitors into buyers. Realizing that this is a common problem, we decided to launch series of free educational events for tenants, which will expand the toolkit of communication with buyers, since today the level of service and tenants’ financial indicators depend directly on the effective work of the front-line staff, too".

Business trainings and master classes will be held on a monthly basis, in two phases - spring and autumn. Best practitioners and business coaches who specialize in working with sales teams were invited for trainings. In order to participate in the training events Arricano partners should just register, receive confirmation of registration and invitation. Training is free for tenants. The company notes that this is Arricano’s social contribution to partnership.

The first business training was attended by 142 people from Kyiv, Krivyi Rih and Zaporizhia. The registration was closed in three days, which confirms the active interest of the audience to the topic.

Cinema network "Multiplex" was a partner of the project of the free training for Arricano tenants and supported the initiative. Anastasiia Davydova, network marketing director said: "We always try to support the projects of our partners, especially projects concerning education and service. It is worth noting that Arricano project primarily aims at developing high-quality service. Providing first class service to our audience is one of the most important priorities in the development strategy of our network. "Multiplex" cinema network is constantly developing. The more happy customers our company has, the more successful it is in the market and the more rapidly it develops".