Priorities uniting the community on Jordan lake

On January 19, on the day of Baptism of Jesus on Jordan Lake in Petrivka gathered the locals, the activists of Pochaina public movement, engaged into the revival of the geo-historical significance of the river Pochaina, as well as clerics, deputies of the Kyiv City Council, representatives of the public enterprise Pleso and business, in particular, the international developer Arricano.
The holiday in Jordan Lake was preceded by several important events. First, the opening of the first chapel for the community of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. Second, it became known that the Metropolitan Oleksandr Drabynko would visit the Baptism of Jesus fest on Jordan lake. The third factor - this year, the Jordanian ice-hole on the lake was arranged especially carefully: the footpace traditionally had a correct form and was safe from the point of view of construction.
It is important for the Arricano team to take part in the events that contribute to the improvement of the ecosystem around the lake Jordan, which is located next to the future developer's object. The company transparently conducts a dialogue with the locals and, together with the experts, conducts a research dedicated to this socially significant project, investing into the development of the community and improvement of the territory.

Organizing the Baptism of Jesus holiday, the company supported the initiators and the activists of Pochaina public movement and shared its corporate experience in carrying out large-scale atmospheric holidays for the whole family, with special interactives for children and positive mood for adults. Moreover, the Baptism of Jesus assumes cooperation, joyful motivation and a promising dialogue between all the project participants concerned.
“It is important for us to have a dialogue with the community and to discuss the prospects of this European-level development project so that all interested parties correctly understand the concept and the design of the future facility. We study the best world urban practices, putting them into practice. As the result, the objects of Arricano function properly. The joint pastime of the community on Jordan lake during the Baptism of Jesus is also an occasion to gather together and think over mutually beneficial prospects of the development of different target groups interested in the improvement of this territory,” Mykhailo Merkulov, General Director of Arricano, said.
Kostiantyn Bohatov, a deputy of Kyiv City Council, says, “I believe this is a good example how all parties and participants of complicated urban planning processes try to find the areas of common interest and build trust-based relations between the community, the authorities and business. It is very symbolic that such relations are built on the fundamental values, and this is a good foundation. The event was successful, the organizers and the sponsors performed on a high level. Hopefully, the next steps will be also clear, honest and constructive.”