Arricano - SEC network operator with a unified system of quality standards

Arricano is one of the leading real estate developers of shopping centres in Ukraine with European investments. It is listed on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange since 2013. Today Arricano Group owns and operates five completed shopping centres and 49,9 per sent shareholding in Sky Mall and land for further three sites currently under development.



Spring season B2B Upgrade by Arricano-2017 was attended by more than 300 participants

Starting from February to June 2017, more than 300 people have visited the Arricano’s B2B Upgrade by Arricano educational project for tenants of the shopping mall's network of the company.


Retail Hacks by Arricano: 5 trends in commercial real estate marketing

Natalia Dmytrenko, Marketing Director of Arricano, visited the ICSC Marketing Conference and recorded 5 important marketing trends for shopping malls that may be applicable for the Ukrainian market


The Case of Sky Mall Proves that Corporate Raiding is Permitted in Ukraine

June 5, 2016 marked a year since the judgment of the London International Court of Justice of May 5, 2016 made within the framework of the dispute between the shareholders of the company owning the Sky Mall has not been fulfilled. According to this judgment all shares of Assofit Holdings Limited, previously owned by Stockman Interhold S.A. (Beneficiary A.Adamovski) should have been transferred to Arricano's ownership on or before June 5, 2016 for $ 0 as compensation of losses incurred by the company. Despite the judgment made by the London International Arbitration Court on May 5, 2016 in favor of Arricano, Stockman company has neither transferred, nor provided shares transfer within the determined period of time.

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